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Can I write EV[n].CTL when counter is running?

Question asked by Alexey Borisenko on Jan 27, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by jeremyzhou

I wish to capture start-bits of UART transfers while counter continously running in modulo2^16 mode. Is It possible with SCT? How can i signal to SCT that I am read previously captured value and need to capture start-bit of next transfer?


In UM10601, it is stated clearly that STATE and OUTPUT can be written ony when counter halted. But what about EV[n].CTL and EV[n].STATE? I need to keep timer permanently running without any stops and halts to allow precise measurements of time between any pair of captured events.


As I understand, with SCT, I will change state on capture event to prevent overwriting captured value by following transitions until end of transfer, and then i need some means to return to original state to allow capture of  next transfer.

I working with LPC812.