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Cann't configure register SIU_PCR215 in EB tresos

Question asked by Hank 张 on Jan 28, 2018
  1. Why cann't i use EB tresos to configure register SIU_PCR215, SIU_PCR216, SIU_PCR217 and SIU_PCR218 for MPC5644A?
  2. If there are more 255 unused pins, these pins can not be configured rightly as the configuration in EB tresos. I checked the code in module "Port_TS_T2D18M20I1R0" which provided by freescale according to EB. I think the reason is that you should not use type cast in the sentence "VAR(uint16, AUTOMATIC) NoUnUsedPins = (uint8)(ConfigPtr->NoUnUsedPins);" in function "PORT_Siu_Init".