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Problem with SDK freertos SPI example

Question asked by Matt Young on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by Matt Young


I'm wondering if this forum would be able to help solve my problem running the freertos_spi SDK example? I have imported several SDK examples which have worked, but am not able to get this example to generate the expected output. I have not altered the code from the SDK example code. The serial communication portion works and outputs results as shown in the "UART output" attachment. However this output indicates the test was not successful. I also attached an oscilloscope capture, with channels connected as follows:


CH2 = PCS0

CH3 = SOUT (master MOSI)

CH4 = SIN (master MISO)


The master appears to successfully transmit a message, but the slave does not receive it as indicated by the serial output from the SDK example program. There is no line activity after what is shown in the oscilloscope capture.


I feel confident I have connected the 4 wires correctly, connecting SPI9 (J9 pins 11, 13, 9, 15) to SPI3 (J14 pins 3, 2, 4, 1). I also noted that the above serial response is different if I remove my connecting wires. I have also inserted the JP6 jumper. I have not done anything with JP8, as that is not present on my revC board.


MCUXpresso IDE v10.1.1 [Build 606] [2018-01-02]

SDK_2.x_LPCXpresso54618, SDK Version 2.3.0, Manifest Version 3.2.0

Board: OM13094 CAN-FD kit, lpcxpresso 54618, silkscreen on board is: LPCXpresso546xx Rev C

Micro: LPC54618J512