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Are there any examples for K64FX512 FlexNVM using SDK 2.3.0 (fsl_flash)

Question asked by bioshazard on Jan 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by Jing Pan

Hello, I am having a lot of problems using the SDK 2.3 for a K64FX512 project,

probably since I have been using processor expert before, which made things quite a bit easier it seems.


But right now this one is my primary concern:

I seem to be unable to use the flash driver at all.


If I run:

flash_config_t flashConfiguration;
result = FLASH_Init(&flashConfiguration);

It hardfaults at this line in fsl_flash.c:

    if (kStatus_FLASH_Success != flash_check_execute_in_ram_function_info(config))

If I call 


first, it hardfaults at this line




Are there any examples available on:

  • how to use the driver in order to partition the FlexNVM
  • how to use the driver in order to use the FlexNVM as data storage
  • how to use the driver in order to use the EEE functionality


I would like to be able to use the FlexNVM as follows: 
64KiB as storage used by the EEE (Data which will be updated frequently 128bytes split as 32 - 96), 
and the other

64KiB to be available as data memory (To which I can write large data blocks (2KiB blocks only updated rarely).



I would probably get it working writing my own driver, but what would be the point in having an SDK then?!