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Authenticate desfire ev1 in android phone

Question asked by Jack Johnson on Jan 28, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by Kan_Li


I have a PAX device with a sam card and a desfire ev1 card.

I use a application that use PAX library to debit from this card.

It works fine when I use PAX device.

I want to do the same as above but by use an android phone device that have nfc reader.

The scenario is, I communicate by desfire card with android library( in phone device and I communicate by sam card in PAX device and connect to device by a socket in network.

I get card UID and select application in phone device successfully.

In next step(Authenticate Key 1) I send require data to PAX device.

In PAX device give receive data to sam and get data from sam reader then Send them to phone device.

In phone device give receive data to card. but in this step card return this error : 91, 1c

I have these questions :

Is this possible in logically?

If it is possible can help me?

What is wrong in this solution?