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Is there any way to know when SPI shift register has finished shifting data out in Kinetis E MCU?

Question asked by Muhib Raza on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

Hi all,

I am using FRDM-KE02Z to develop a software for driving 3 digit 7 segment display through 74HC595 chip. I am using SPI0 module for this purpose, I first clear the strobe input to the 595 chip, transmit the data and set it high again. But I am facing some challenges. To set it high I need to know when the KE02Z internal shift register has finished transmitting data as there is no interrupt flag for this. The only interrupt flag related to this is SPTEF (SPI Transmit buffer empty flag) which only indicates that transmit buffer is empty but it does not indicate whats happening at the second stage. Is there any way to find out when the shift register has shifted the data out completely?