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NVM broken with BLE

Question asked by Mateusz Wielgos on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by Mateusz Wielgos

I just updated my project to the newest maintenance release of KW41Z SDK (framework v. 5.3.3 -> 5.3.4, bluetooth v. 1.2.3 -> 1.2.4).


Whenever App_NvmWrite is called in order to save bond data to NVM, NvMoveToRam fails with gNVM_PointerOutOfRange_c. It appears that NVM pData RAM pointers are no longer valid, instead they are uninitialized (0xffffffff).


If I revert BLE middleware to 1.2.3 while keeping framework at 5.3.4, things do work okay, so I believe the issue is somewhere within BLE libs.


Can anyone replicate?