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Question asked by Luca Fabris on Jan 24, 2018

I'm using LPC54828 USB HS Host mode (USB_DEVICE_CONFIG_LPCIP3511FS is 1) and I notice that there is a limit of 4096 bytes on a single USB transaction, in the file usb_host_ip3516hs.c  suobroutine "USB_HostIp3516HsWriteBulkPipe" there is harcoded this limit "if (transferLength > 4096U) transferLength = 4096U; "

In my application I need to transfer big chunk of data (200K) at high speed and have to continually make a new request every 4096 bytes make my application quite slow (I'm around the 20 to 30Mbit effective tranfer rate)


Is there a way to overcome this limit ?