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MPC5746C BAF not copying RAM image to SRAM

Question asked by Balachandra Kumar on Jan 24, 2018



I am trying to send the RAM bootloader image to MPC5746C via BAF. I created a UART bootloader(from the example given by Lukas Zadrapa in one of the links in NXP forum) RAM image, and i renamed it as MPC5534.rba and placed it in ..\Freescale\RAppIDBL\RBA_Files folder. I selected the options for MPC5534 and the download process completes till BTL 100% and in the init phase it fails. What i could observe is even after the RAM image is downloaded successfully, the execution remains at BAF (I verified this by downloading RAM image in debug mode using JTAG. Another thing is i still see the device echoing the same data on serial port - which is what BAF does ). I also feel that,  nothing is getting copied to SRAM. Is there anything that needs to be done to get the RAM image working by downloading via BAF ?Lukas Zadrapa#BAF#MPC5746C#SerialBoot