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Freemaster - ReadVariable don't fill vValue and tValue

Discussion created by Paolo Turcato on Oct 10, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2014 by Ali Husain
im' trying to use FreeMaster to read a varible on my M523xEVB!
Freemaster run well and i can see the value of my variable on the WatchGrid.
So i write this Javascript to see it in the html command window:

<object name="pcm" width="0" height="0"classid="clsid:48A185F1-FFDB-11D3-80E3-00C04F176153"></object><script language="JavaScript">    var val,val2,error,a;  succ = pcm.ReadVariable("encoder_ssi",val,val2,error);  if(succ)  {   document.write(succ);    document.write(val);  }  else  {    document.write(succ);    document.write(error);  } </script>

 This code on the html control page return

succ = "true"
val    = "undefined"

Why can't i see the value of val if succ is true and i can read the variable on the watch-grid?

thanks at all! :smileywink: