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Trouble with bootloader in MC9S08 project

Discussion created by Mike Maddi on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by Alice_Yang

I am using CodeWarrior Development Studio Version 10.6.4 to develop firmware for a MC9S08DZ32 bare metal target board. I have 2 separate projects. One for the main application and one for the bootloader for field upgrades. I can download and run/debug both separately but when I jump from the bootloader to the main application, the main app still tries to use the bootloader vectors. Here is how I have things setup in CodeWarrior:



   In processor build options
       ROM                 F400 size=BAE

   In processor properties
       Vector table        F3C0 size=3E
       Reset Vector        FFFE
       Protected area      F400-FFFF (3 KB)
       Vector redirection  yes
    In the CodeWarrior debug configurations
        preserved area = 7C00 to F3BE


Main app
   In processor build options

      ROM                 7C00 size=77C0

   In processor properties
       Vector table        FFC0 size=3E
       Reset Vector        FFFE
       Protected area      Disabled
       Vector redirection  no
    In the CodeWarrior debug configurations
        preserved area = none


I first download the main app. Then I download the bootloader. I look at memory and the main app is still intact including its vectors. I then run and I can verify that the bootloader is running. I can communicate with it via a serial port and give it commands. When I give it the command to execute the main app, it goes to the correct location but when an interrupt happens, it uses the bootloader vectors instead of its own. What have I done wrong?


Note that I have searched the forums and found no direct answer. I have a trouble ticket into NXP and they have not been able to help yet. They suggested I come here so here I am. Please don't refer me to a link that supposedly answers this question because there isn't any. I will give you any additional details you need. Please! Thank you!