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imx rt1050 camera issue

Question asked by rizwan syed on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by ming yang



I am working on imx rt1050 evk.I tried flashing default camera example from the below path:


C:\i.MXRT1050-Example-Code-and-HW-Guide\i.MXRT1050 EVK Extension Feature Example Code and HW Guide\CSI\boards\evkmimxrt1050\driver_examples\csi\rgb565   using IAR.


Only backlight for LCD comes up.nothing comes up on LCD.

Camera images are not displayed on LCD.


What will be the issue ?

How can we check LCD and camera are working fine?

Is there any LCD example to check if it is working fine for imx rt1050?


Thanks and Regards

Rizwan Syed