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codewarriortap/gdb for ls1046ardb

Question asked by Eric Moors on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by Pavel Chubakov

To use gdb via the codewarrior tap with the LS1046ARDB some gdb monitor commands are needed according to the example video for previous (refence design) boards. I can connect to the gdb proxy on the codewarrior tap, but to connect to the board, the jtag chain must be known/configured:

 (gdb) mon jtag_chain

Chain not configured

Not connected to target

(gdb) mon connect

Connected to CCS

Connected to probe fpga

Unknown target

Protocol error with Rcmd


As these monitor command are extensions to the normal gdb and nxp specific, I need to know how to configure gdb to be able to connect to the target. Do you have ls1046ardb_init.gdb file? Can you at least provide the required information/commands need to connect to the target via the gdbproxy on the codewarrior tap.