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HDMI seems to hang when screen is plugged

Question asked by Pierre-Olivier DI GIUSEPPE on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by Pierre-Olivier DI GIUSEPPE

Hi guys,


I'm currently trying to implement the support for a  MIPI screen connected to the IMX6DL through a Toshiba HDMI --> MIPI 4 lanes converter


I'm pretty sure I properly initialized the MIPI converter + the screen as the screen lights up and the HDMI converter is well detected as hotplugged by the iMX HDMI driver.


But, as soon as the HDMI gets plugged, the driver seems to hang. Then I actually can't output anything on the HDMI.

I also receive a lot of "Overflow interrupt detected" messages by the HDMI driver.


Is it a known problem, on mxc_hdmi driver, that it could crash when an HDMI cable is hotplugged ? If yes, what could be the fix ?


Thanks a lot