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Calibration of MM9Z1_i638 IBS with the latest Demo SW

Question asked by chury jeong on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by Wolfgang Bihlmayr



I have read the Q&A about the calibration with MM9Z1 in the link below: 

Calibration of MM9Z1_i638 Battery monitring controller  

But the program is the SW used in the article seemed to be out-dated. 

I have purchased RD9Z1-638-12V EVM board to understand the IBS with MM9Z1. 

And I have downloaded the demo SW(Jan 2017) from the link below: 

12V Lead-acid Battery Sensor (BMS) with CAN|NXP 


After understanding the IBS, my target is to make my own IBS board with MM9Z1J638. 

So I need to do same things as RD9Z1-638-12V EVM board. 


Q1) In RD9Z1-638 EVM board, there is an sticker of "CAL COMP. VALUES", where ISENSE.GAIN/OFFSETS and VSENSE2.GAIN/OFFSETS are printed.   ISENSE:GAIN = 16, ISENSE.OFFSETS = 17,  VSENSE2.GAIN = 2, VSENSE2.OFFSETS = 11. The figures are calibrated data for the EVM board. 


When I built my own board, then how can I get the calibrated data(GAIN and OFFSETS for I and V) by using the latest DEMO SW ?  (I got "MM9Z1_638 IBS module calibration calculator" of MM9Z1_638_calibration_v2_1.xlsx file, but this calibration calculator is not match with the latest demo SW.) 

Or, should I roll-back to get the calibrated data to the out-dated SW(the example software of the RD9Z1-638-4Li) ? 

Please let me know how could you get the calibrated data on RD9Z1-638-12V in detail.