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modify the .lcf file and .tmf file result the program can not run

Question asked by hongjin zeng on Jan 22, 2018

Hi everyone,

    Now I use the MCToolbox with MPC5643L.In the model I use FlexPWM without any modify,the program can run.When I modify the rappid_564xl_cw_flash_2013.tmf and the MPC564xLFLASH.lcf,the program can not run.

In the rappid_564xl_cw_flash_2013.tmf file,I modify in the below:

In the file I delete the '-romaddr 0x00003000 -rambuffer 0x00003000'.

In the MPC564xLFLASH.lcf file,I modify in the below:

In the modify file:

the old .lcf file

After I build the model,I debug the program by S32DS.

First I set breakpoint in the below:

In the debug process.First I click the run button, the program go to the bteakpoint.Second I click 'Step over' button twice,the program only run one step and in the next step the program run to the 0x0.

I do not know how to solve the problem,can you help me?