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LPC-Link2 : Is there a VCOM when using J-Link driver ?

Question asked by Yves Bernard on Jan 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by Yves Bernard

Hi guys,


I am using the LPC-Link2 to debug a board under IAR ide. 


I have successfully been switching between CMSIS and J-link driver using LPCScrypt, but when using the J-link driver, I don't see any virtual com port associated to the board, only a J-link device. Is that expected ? 


In the NXP example below, it seems possible to have a virtual com port when using the LPC-Link2 as a J-link debugger (see 7:40 min)

Introduction to getting started with Amazon FreeRTOS and the LPC54018 IoT Module|NXP 


It is also specified on segger website :

LPCXpresso on-board | SEGGER - The Embedded Experts 


Thanks a lot,