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NXP Cup 2018 Qualification Event Ostrava, Czech Republic

Discussion created by Flavio Stiffan on Jan 22, 2018

The Technical University of Ostrava will host the NXP Cup 2018 Qualification event scheduled for 20 March 2018.


Website of University of Ostrava is Technical University of Ostrava - VŠB-TUO  


The tentative agenda for the event is as follow:


Tuesday March 20th:

9:00 Registrations

10:00 Official training starts

13:00 End of training / Lunch and car inspections

14:30 Qualification Race

15:30 Qualification Results

16:00 End of the event


Lunches will be served at the University's cafeteria for all guests.


Event will be held in the entrance hall of FEECS in front of rooms EC2 and EC3, right above the reception area (see attached document for picture of the building where this entrance is).


Recommended accommodation locations:

  1. http://www.hotelvsb.cz/introduction_hg50&lang=en
  The hotel is a part of the campus, 5 minutes' walk from the faculty.

  2. http://www.hotelsportclub.cz/en/
  The hotel is 15 minutes' walk from the faculty

  3. http://www.harmonyclub.cz/hotel-ostrava-accommodation.html
  Tram transport takes approximately 20 minutes.

  4. http://www.clarioncongresshotelostrava.com/en/
  Tram cca 30 minutes.

  5. https://www.parkinn.com/hotel-ostrava
  It is not available directly by a public transport, only with change or by car.


Address of the University of Ostrava can be found on the following link Google Maps