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Using PN5180 and LPC1769 in USBHID Mode

Question asked by Bernd Bogenrieder on Jan 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by jeremyzhou


a new project of of mine is to implement the Data of an PN5180 into a windows application. Since I began to try this i had a few positive results but much more negative. In the next lines i will try to explain what I have tried and what my goal is.



  • Get an USB Connection between my OM25180 Eval- Board and a Windows PC. As an driver IC it would be nice if i could use the LPC1769 of the Eval Board. I would like to realize this with the eval Board as an USB HID on my Windows PC.



  • i downloaded the nxpUSBlib v0.98 and got the Example_GenericHIDDevice to work, but we cannot use this library because i should use the LPCOpen librarys
  • When i try to use the LPCOpen Library with the equivalent example usbd_lib_hid_generic i cannot see a USB HID Device and also cannot communicate with LPC1769, but it compiles and i can debug it.
  • to read NFC chips we want to use the PN5180, the Examples are very good but i do not see a possibility to connect the output Data of the PN5180 with the USBHID of the LPC5180


Has any one experience in creating an USB HID Object with the LPC1769 an use it to transfer Data per USB? I really need some new ideas to get this done.