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[BAF] Boot Assist Flash Question

Question asked by Hedi BASLY on Jan 22, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2018 by jack rose


i'm having trouble with booting up my application in MCU MPC5748G, with the help of WinIdea and the IC5000 debugger ifound out that my code get stuck at address 0x404100, when i go to that address in flash there is no code there to be executed. and according to reference manual, i found out that that part of memory is one time programmable... how could this be possible, because i did a FLASH mass erase and i think that i erased that part of memory... can anyone explain more on that subject. 

My problem is that once i download my application which is mapped at address 0xFE0000, the application do not run when i press the run button on winidea and i get the CPU status [HALTED].