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FNET and KSZ8895 without MDC/MDIO

Question asked by weblar on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by weblar

I'm trying to bring up FNET on an MK60FN1M0XXX15 device, interfacing to a KSZ8895 ethernet switch.


I've configured the FNET stack correctly for our CPU and I've installed the relevant interrupt vectors as well as updating the configuration flags to indicate that vectors are not in RAM.


When calling the following function:


fnet_netif_init(FNET_CPU_ETH0_IF, &hw_addr, 6);

I get a hard fault following the auto-negotiation phase (fnet_fec.c, fnet_fec_init, line 400) and when trying to set the HW address (fnet_netif.c, line 304) the _fnet_netif_set_hw_addr() function returns with FNET_ERR with ultimately results in no interface being initialized.


Would this be indicative of a hardware issue? For example, bad connections between the Kinetis and the switch? Our hardware engineer has NOT connected the MDC/MDIO signals from the Kinetis to the KSZ8895 - are these necessary for correct operation?


Thanks in advance