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OM13092 "Cannot halt processor" on the target LPC54608

Question asked by Kevin King on Jan 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by Kevin King

Help - I'm using the OM13092 Development board to integrate my LPC54608 board design.


I re-arranged the clock order for USB and then got this.

I put the working code back the way it should be ... but now i'm stuck without a target debugger.


I can program and run the onboard LPC54608 but it won't fully connect to the off board target LPC54608.


I've seen this problem across other NXP development boards. 


Is there a standard way to restore the link2 functionality back to the way it was ?


I looked thru the documentation and it doesn't say how to recover from this problem.


It has been working great for the last 3 months. Pretty sure it was the USB clock tweak i was trying that did this.


This is really setting me back ... I hope there is some documentation showing how to restore the Link2.


I tried the script - program_CMSIS - didn't help unlock it.

Is there a magic script somewhere to unlock this ?