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i.MX6UL eMMC boot

Question asked by Petr Kulhavy on Jan 20, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by Anthony Loiseau



I'm trying to bootstrap i.MX6UL to boot from eMMC. The BOOT_MODE is set to 00 (boot from fuses) and the eMMC 4.4 is connected to USDHC2 using 8-bits.


To minimize the risk of breaking the board I'm writing the fuses one by one. So I wrote in u-boot:

fuse prog 0 5 0x860

fuse prog 0 6 0x10


In my view this should make the RBL boot from eMMC interface 2 (though using 1-bit interface). Unfortunately the device still ends up in serial update. I'm trying to figure out what is wrong. Is there some possibility for debug? E.g. to read some SBC register to see what happened?


My eMMC has 2 boot partitions. Does the RBL attempt to load the image from the "normal area", or from a boot partition? And how can it be influenced?


I loaded the image into both the normal area as well as boot partition 0, at offset 1kiB. Unfortunately none of it worked so far.