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how to let S32DS relink target without clean whole project if lib is updated

Question asked by wesley xie on Jan 21, 2018
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please see below screenshot, my project include some sub libraries, such as libfmc_sm.a, libfmc_misc.a, I added them in the linker settings.

I changed something in libfmc_sm.a, and build, the target file was updated, but when I build my top project, S32DS didn't realize that this lib file is updated, and didn't relink the target actually.

I have to changed something in top project, fox instance, click the space and save, or clean the project, then build the project, the target would relink this time.


can S32DS detect whether the lib is updated, and relink the target automatically when I build project ?

or is there a "synchronize modification dates" function like CodeWarrior, so that I can tell the S32DS to detect the updating ?