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Using fsd802_15_4 with KW24D512 in Wireshark

Question asked by Arne Kummerow on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by Luis Zavargo



I'm using several KW24D512 USB sticks in order to sniff mutliple 802.15.4 channels with Wireshark. For that I'm using the Kinetis Protocol Analyzer Adapter. Unfortunately I haven't found a way to display the radio channel in Wireshark and therefore I'm not able to distinguish which packet came from which dongle.

I've seen that the Analyzer Adapter copies a plugin called 'fsd802_15_4' to Wiresharks plugin folder during installation. This seems to be a dissector for radio related information such as the channel or the RSSI.

In Wireshark I can add a column with the field name '' (the background of the field name box becomes green, so Wireshark seems to load the plugin properly, see picture 1) but the column is empty for every packet.

When using the NXP Test Tool Protocol Analyzer I can see in the 'Frame Decode' section that the 802.15.4 MAC frame is encapsulated into an 'Analyzer Frame' which contains the information dissected by 'fsd802_15_4' (see picture 2).

Unfortunately this isn't the case when using Wireshark (see picture 3).


Can anyone help me with this problem?

Thank you in advance