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LS1043A: RCW: CGA_PLL2_SPD settings

Question asked by Cyril Strejc on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by Cyril Strejc

According to QorIQ LS1043A Reference Manual, Rev. 3, 02/2017, Table 4-14., the CGA_PLL2_SPD bit in RCW should be set to 1 for PLL2 frequencies from 800MHz to 1000.1 MHz):




but the RCW for LS1043A in SDK does not care about this bit and leave it to 0 even for 1000MHz PLL2. For example here:

sdk/rcw.git - Freescale PowerPC Reset Config Word (RCW) Tree 



rcw/rcw_1200.rcw at integration · qoriq-open-source/rcw · GitHub 


I have verified RCW binaries generated from the above descriptions and there is really CGA_PLL2_SPD set to 0.


What do you recommend? Follow the Reference Manual or follow the SDK for 1000MHz PLL2 settings (for our custom board RCW)?


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