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fsl-image-kernelitb Error

Question asked by Mounika Reddy on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by Pavel Chubakov



I'm using yocto SDK 2.0, In which i'm trying to build Linux image for T4240RDB.


Following is the procedure followed:

1. bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel
2. bitbake -c compile -f virtual/kernel
3. bitbake virtual/kernel
4. bitbake fsl-image-kernelitb


When i give "bitbake fsl-image-kernelitb",

"ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'fsl-image-kernelitb'
ERROR: fsl-image-kernelitb was skipped: incompatible with machine t4240rdb-64b (not in COMPATIBLE_MACHINE)" is displayed.


Could you please help me to proceed further.


Waiting for your reply..!


Thanks & Regards,

Mounika Reddy