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MK22FN256 AtoD Single-ended and Differential Measurement (ADC1)

Question asked by brian cavanagh on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by Robin_Shen

Hi, I'm using ADC1 (MK22FN256) to make a Single-ended and Differential Measurement.

What's not clear to me is how to write code that will retrieve measurementss from Channel-0 (ADC1_SE5b) and Channel-1 (ADC1_DP0 and ADC1_DM0) separately. 


Initially, I added had two components from the 'Components Library' (ADC_LDD).  One for the single-ended and the other for the differential measurements.  I would always get an error message stating "A/D converter is already used by ..." 


After further researching on the support page I figured out I can use Channel-0 and Channel-1 using the same ADC1.


Can someone help me understand how to make a call to Channel-0 and Channel-1 separately?