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How to read or write uninitialized RAM without IVOR1 error

Question asked by Wei Jie on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by Wei Jie

I use S32DS for MPC5744P, and when the ECU enter bootloader from application, I want to write a data in application, and then reset ECU to bootloader and read the written data.

But if I initialize the specific RAM memory which is shared by application and bootloader in the startup, and in application  I write data to a shared RAM then invoke bootloader by software reset,  bootloader can not  read the exact data out. 

 If I don't initialize the specific RAM memory in the startup, and then I read or write the uninitialize RAM, Every time ECU power on and  the MCU will generate a IVOR1 error.

Above all, I feel that if I want  to read or write RAM memory in S32DS for MPC57xx, I must initialize the RAM memory in startup, or it will generate an IVOR1 error when ECU power on.