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Power supply interface b/w KITFS6522L and XPC56XX motherboard with MPC56 mini module+MPC5643L

Question asked by Raghu Rajappa on Jan 18, 2018

I would like to supply power to the XPC56XX motherboard through the FS6522L SBC. How can I achieve this? From the buck/boost configuration, I can see that by connecting the Vcore pin to the Vdd of the uC (MPC5643L in this case), it is possible to supply power to the uC. But in my setup I cannot directly connect to the uC and need to connect to the motherboard (or maybe the mini module). So now I am unable to figure out the pins that make this connection successful. 

Summary - I need to supply power to my uC (or motherboard/mini module) through the SBC and am not sure (due to my lack of electronics knowledge) how to go about successfully making the connection (without burning down a few components).