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PCIe Master Abort

Question asked by Emil Viding on Jan 18, 2018
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I have a P4080 configured as RC connected to a P1022 through a switch. During a test the P4080 read data from P1022 and P1022 was reseted.


When this happened the P4080 crashed. I attached a Lauterbach debugging probe and saw that the Received_master_abort bit in Status_Register was set. I wasn't able to do any configuration accesses to any bus but the internal (bus 0). Only a hot reset resolved this issue.


After consulting the datasheet I thought that the master abort was caused by a unsupported request completion. I disabled the unsupported request error reporting in the switch but that didn't solve anything.


Am I on the right track? Is the error caused by some error forwarded to the P4080 because it's RC? I have disabled every error bit I can find without any progress.