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Writing data to Flash on MC9S12DP512

Discussion created by Mohamed El Deeb on Oct 9, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2008 by Mohamed El Deeb
Hi all,
I'm working on the Adapt9S12DP512 board. I'm downloading my code onto RAM using DBUG12. I'm currently running an experiment and I would like to store the data collected through the ATD in Flash.
I've followed the steps detailed in the application note AN2720 available on the Freescale website.

However, when I run my program, nothing gets written to Flash. For a start, I tried writing the word 0xABCD at location 0x380002. I then used the MD command in DBUG12 to check whether the word was indeed written at, I suppose, location $8002 given that the PPAGE = $38. Unfortunately, nothing was written.
As a further check, I tried setting PPAGE to $30. Upon entering the "MD 0039" in MiniIDE, the PPAGE register still reads $38!
Can anyone help me solve this problem?
Thanks in advance.