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BAF - Serial bootloader support

Question asked by Balachandra Kumar on Jan 17, 2018

MPC5746C  BAF - Serial Boot Support



I am trying to use the serial boot mode (BAF) for programming the code to SRAM. I do not want to use JTAG to program a bootloader, because i want to program the bootloader from serial boot for the first time and then  use bootloader for application software flashing. 

I am facing the following problems:

1. I am confused about how to feed the data to BAF. - As per reference manual, it requires a 64bit default key, start address and length along with no_echo and vle bit followed by data. How do i feed all these inputs to MPC5746C ? What tool should i be using ? i tried to use realterm and tera term with no success. The terminal emulators send data in ascii format. If i feed a hex file, the hex data is treated as ascii and being sent out. Will the BAF code re-convert the ascii data back to hex code ? 

I tried to use RappID tool, but i want to load the code to 0x40000000. The tool doesnt allow to program data at location less than 0x40001000 as it is a tool for flashing appl from bootloader. 

Please suggest me how to go ahead. 



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