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Has anybody found a solution for using multiple LPCLink-2 adaptors connected through a USB hub, It seems that with the default settings prevent a second LPC-Link2 from enumerating

Question asked by Phil Young on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by Phil Young

It would appear that when programming the LPC-Link2 with the Segger code all devices are given the same serial number , 61000000, so the debugger is unable to distinguish them properly.

When using the CMSIS-DAP code it is not possible to connect 2 debuggers through a USB Hub since the second debugger reports insufficient system resources when using a single hub, but works when connected to a different root hub on the PC.

Also when programming multiple debuggers with the CMSIS-DAP code the script reports the same "Unique identifier" for all devices and it's not correct for any of them.