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Question asked by Ailton Lopes on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by Yuri Muhin
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Hi Yuri,

Thank you for the help, specially with the Miro Samek tutorial, i was able

to fix the problem but now i have a new question,  didnt post it in the

thread because i assume this is something basic.


So far i've been using the u-boot to create the image.imx and the DD

command to load it to the SD card:


kernel.img : gcc.ld $(OBJS)

$(LD) $(OBJS) -T gcc.ld -o kernel.elf $(LDFLAGS)

$(OBJDUMP) -D kernel.elf > kernel.asm

$(MKIMAGE) -n imximage.cfg -T imximage -e 0x17800000 -d kernel.img



But using this new project with a more complete linker and startup code

when using those methods the image doesn't run.

So i wanted to ask how can a load the image on the board without the u-boot.


i manage to create the .axf file (the format i found in the arm's examples)

and i wanted to ask how can i program the SD using this image.

I use this command to create the file and i made the debug using the DS5

and it works fine.


$(LD) $(OBJS) -T gcc.ld -o kernel.axf $(LDFLAGS)

By the Way i'm using linux.


Kind Regards,

Ailton Lopes



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