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I want to purchase a MPC5748G board, which debugger it supports

Question asked by Laxmikanth Indur on Jan 17, 2018
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I want to experiment something, I feel that best supported development board is MPC5748G. before I start I want to know the following things.

1. IDE supported is S32 design studio , what about the debugger , which debugger we need to have, lauterbach and iSystem are very costly , can we work with P&E multilink device.

2.I want to focus on my application so I dont want to give time for Driver development, so do i get drivers for SD card interface, CAN etc. 

3. Also I want to know how to use multi cores , could some one provide me the documents or website links where I can get some knowledge about usage of the multicores.


Thank you very much in advance

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