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Which EVMs I need to purchase to setup LIN bootloader in MM9Z1J638.

Question asked by chury jeong on Jan 17, 2018
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Question) How to setup a test system for MM9Z1J638 LIN Bootloader



Dear who may concern about this issue, 

I'd like to setup a test environment for LIN bootloader on MM9Z1J638. 

Currently, I have a KIT9Z1J638EVM Board. 

My target is to download IBS application code(Motorolar S-rec image) into the KIT9Z1J638EVM via LIN. 

I'm not familiar with S12Z MCU and LIN protocol yet, so I'd like to setup a bootloader system like the picture above with the exist EVB board.


Could you please recommend which EVM boards I need to purchase to learn and practice myself the LIN bootloader, (Master-node and Slave-node both at the same time) ? 

I'd like to purchase Demo programs with the EVMs too. 

First of all, I'd like to learn "LIN bootloader" by following the quick-start guide with the demo program, without any change by myself. 



Many thanks in advance. 




Additional question: 

#1)  If I purchase two sets of "S12ZVL" EVM from the link below, 

 DEVKIT-ZVL128: Development Board for ZVL128|NXP

Is it possible to configure the first one as a Master-node and  the second one as a Slave-node with the different SW ? 

And where can I get the bootloader SW for Master-node, and bootloader SW for Slave-node ?