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Kinetis K62 Controller

Question asked by Masmiseim on Jan 16, 2018
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I’ve two FRDM-K64 Evaluation Boards here on my Desk and both of the controllers think they are a K62. But there is no Datasheet for the K62 … So what is it?


I’ve checked the SIM_SDID Register and got the following values:

PINID:    8            -> 100-pina

FAMID:  4            -> K6x Family (without tamper)

DIEID:   6


SERIESID:   0     -> Kinetis K series

SUBFAMID:  2     -> Kx2 Subfamily

DAMILYID     6     -> K6x Family


Was the K64 first planned to be a K62 and I have old silicon?