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Code generation issue with simple CAN communication test.

Question asked by Erin O'Neill on Jan 16, 2018
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Our team is quite new with the Motor Control Toolbox. More recently, we have been doing several tests to learn how to work with this new tool. We are using an MPC5643L and we are currently doing the tests with the development board. 


We did a simple push button to LED model to test the digital inputs/outputs. We also did a simple logic with the dev board rotary potentiometer to control LEDs on the board.


We are now running into some problem taking an ADC input and sending it over CAN. In fact, when trying to generate code, one header file named DASH_TESTING_private.h is included in adc1_config.h but has not been created. This leads to an error since it cannot be found by Simulink. See picture attached.


Is this a common issue? Perhaps we are missing something when configuring the ADC or the CAN. I have also attached the simple model (R2017b) in case you want to run.


Thank you for your help.