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APECV gftt corner detector error

Question asked by Xue Wong on Jan 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by Kushal Shah



I am currently trying to use good feature to track corner detector from apexcv in one of my project. I was able to call Initilize() and Process() function without error code return (these functions always return 0). However inside the Process() function, i got the following message:


ACF_PROCESS_APU::SelectScenario_internal() -> A suitable scenario could not be found

ACF_PROCESS_APU::Wait() -> process was never started (i.e. nothing to wait for)


After reading the source code of acf_process_apu, its appear that this error is related to the setting of chunkWidth and chunkHeight. However, i did not see any function that allow me to configure them. 


The input image is a gray scale image with size 1280x800. I also tried different image size, but they are all returning same error message. 


Thanks you