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How to analyze OpenCL application on IMX6Q?

Question asked by Ali Sarlak on Jan 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by Ali Sarlak

Hello community,


I know how to analyze (profile) GPU base application (app which uses OpenGL ES or OpenVG) on IMX6Q but how to analyze (profile) OpenCL application or some apps that use indirectly OpenCL as their backend like OpenCV (When you build the library with "WITH_OPENCL" configuration)?

Imagine that you have two specific algorithms which run on GC2000 with OpenCL how to analyzing them and choose the best one?in fact I need a tool like "vAnalyser" or something like that to show how my custom algorithm use the hardware.


Extra Info that may help


Target:   IMX6Q

OS:      Linux 4.1.36

OpenCL: OpenCL v1.1