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How to define Input with LLWU

Question asked by Neil Hancock on Jan 16, 2018
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Is there a way of defining a pin as Input with LLWU AND to specify (seperate) Identifiers that doesn't cause an MCUX CT error.?


With standalone V4 (which can't be copied from the About box)

for a MKL27256xxx4,

I'm defining pin45 D4 as a Input and LLWU - which gives two entries in "Routed Pins "

However when attempting to associate an identifier one either the LLWU P14, or the PTD4 its treated as the same, and results in an error

In the routed pins this results in two entries - however when I specify an "Identifier"  - both entries are treated as the same, and results in a duplicate error.

A workaround for me was to only specify for the physical port entry - and then turn the LLWU Identifier as "Not specified" - which carries over in to pin_mux.c/h

I enclose the .mex file

Generally the MCUX CT V4.0 is fantastic for being able to understand the hw options. But still takes some time, and repeated trips back the MCUX CT to try out different options