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What is the meaning of imx_usb serial downloader parameters?

Question asked by Paul Roy on Jan 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by igorpadykov



I´m using serial_downloader to boot my iMX53 board, using imx_usb binary.

I see, its config file has this contents:


#hid/bulk,[old_header,]max packet size, {ram start, ram size}(repeat valid ram areas)
#file:dcd,plug,load nnn,jump [nnn/header/header2]
#jump nnn - new header is placed after last downloaded word
#            entire file is loaded before jump, needs load nnn as well
# i.e. file:load nnn,jump nnn
#jump header - only length parameter is downloaded
#     header - uses existing header(error if none), but clears plug and dcd values unless plug also specified
#     header2 - uses 2nd header found(error if none)
#plug - without jump uses header but clears plug flag to stop after plug execution

uboot_serial_downloader.bin:dcd,plug,jump header

#../u-boot-watchie/mx53_ubl_ecspi.bin:load 0x73f00000
#../imx_utils/mx53_ecspi_ram_write_xm.bin:jump header2


I wonder if with this tool I can recover the last boot error (or log) and write or read specific NAND memory addresses, or do some kind of boot problem debugging.

Could somebody explain what are the meanings of this patrameters? (dcd, plug,...etc)

Once I have boot with it, could I read something at UBoot prompt to know what is the previous boot error?