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Hard fault when calling sprintf with floating point numbers from .cpp file

Question asked by Daniel Hurowitz on Jan 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by Erich Styger


I have been having trouble using sprintf for floats. 

I read all of the posts I could find on the topic and failed to resolve the problem.

I am using KDS 3.2 with processor expert with a K26F processor.


The current state of my program is as follows:

when I call 

sprintf((char*)s,"Event;\t  %f\r\n ",1.5);

from main.c, It works fine.

The exact call from a .cpp file results in a hard fault. 

I have several other uses of sprintf with integers, without any problems. 


Please note that I have already tried the following (this is the current state of my project):

1. Enlarging the heap and stack.

2. In the cross ARM C++ Linker settings, I checked

"use float with nano printf (-u _printf_float)" and "use float with nano scanf (-u _scanf_float)"

3. In Cross ARM C Compiler Preprocessor definitions I defined "PRINTF_FLOAT_ENABLE=1"  and  "SCANF_FLOAT_ENABLE=1".

4. Called  the following after startup:

void vPortEnableVFP(void) {


/* The FPU enable bits are in the CPACR. */


__asm volatile (


" ldr.w r0, =0xE000ED88 \n" /* CAPCR, 0xE000ED88 */


" ldr r1, [r0] \n" /* read CAPR */


" orr r1, r1, #(0xf<<20) \n" /* Enable CP10 and CP11 coprocessors */


" str r1,[r0] \n" /* store to new value back */


: /* no output */


: /* no input */


: "r0","r1" /* clobber */






Do you have any further suggestions?