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PMIC PF1550 + i.MX Processors Resources

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PF1550 Part-No.

Table 1. PF1550 Orderable part variations
Part numberTemperature (TA) PackageProgramming options
MC32PF1550A1EP−40 °C to 85 °C (For use in consumer applications)98ASA00913D, 40-pin QFN 5.0 mm x 5.0 mm with exposed pad1 (Default)
MC32PF1550A2EP2  (i.MX 7ULP with LPDDR3)
MC32PF1550A3EP3  (i.MX 6UL with DDR3L)
MC32PF1550A4EP4 (i.MX 7ULP with LPDDR3)
MC32PF1550A5EP5 (i.MX 6UL with DDR3)
MC32PF1550A6EP6 (i.MX 6ULL with DDR3L)
MC32PF1550A7EP7 (i.MX 6UL with LPDDR3)
MC34PF1550A1EP−40 °C to 105 °C (For use in industrial applications)1 (Default)
MC34PF1550A2EP2  (i.MX 7ULP with LPDDR3)
MC34PF1550A3EP3  (i.MX 6UL with DDR3L)
MC34PF1550A4EP4 (i.MX 7ULP with LPDDR3)
MC34PF1550A5EP5 (i.MX 6UL with DDR3)
MC34PF1550A6EP6 (i.MX 6ULL with DDR3L)
MC32PF1550A7EP7 (i.MX 6UL with LPDDR3)