Yin Yang

Deadtime insertion for KE06 FTM2

Discussion created by Yin Yang on Jan 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by Kerry Zhou


            I tried to insert the deadtime when using KE06 FTM2 PWM, it's not successfully.

            I used the sample code frdmke06z_driver_examples_ftm_pwm_twochannel_ftm_pwm_twochannel

            I modfied     config->deadTimeValue = 32; in the FTM_GetDefaultConfig(ftm_config_t *config) function

and called FTM_SetDeadTimeEnable(BOARD_FTM_BASEADDR,(ftm_chnl_t)BOARD_FIRST_FTM_CHANNEL,1);


            I noticed that the register  FTMx_DEADTIME is written protected, and can be on written when 

MODE[WPDIS] = 1.  I'm not sure whether the value is properly written.



            Can you provide a working example for the deadtime control insertion?