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msCAN on mc9s12dp512 chip

Question asked by Danny Scheres on Oct 8, 2008
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I’m using the HCS12 TB with the mc9s12dp512 chip and I want to use the msCAN feature on the chip.


Does anyone has an example how to initialize CAN0 to send and receive messages from and to another HCS12 TB.


It would be great if there was also an example how I can send and receive a massage. I want to use the receive interrupt to read a message.


I’ve a code but it isn’t working and I don’t understand the msCAN feature completely.

I’m testing it with the loop back option in the CAN0CTL1 register. And when this is working I want to test it between 2 MCU’s. Eventually I want to communicate between 3 HCS12 T-Boards.


Thanks in advance.

Greetings dan23