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Sensor Fusion v5 yaw/compass lag

Question asked by Jas Math on Jan 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2018 by Mike Stanley

I ported the v5 sensor fusion library to run on a board with imx6sx M4 processor plus fxos8700cq and fxas21002. When running 9DOF with NED co-ordinates (at 200Hz and 8 samples)  the roll and pitch (thisSV_9DOF_GBY_KALMAN.fPhiPl & thisSV_9DOF_GBY_KALMAN.fThePl) seem to track fine. However when the board is rotated while flat the yaw (thisSV_9DOF_GBY_KALMAN.fPsiPl) and compass value (thisSV_9DOF_GBY_KALMAN.fRhoPl) lag and take about 30-60 seconds to catch up. Is this expected behavior ?


On this board the fxas21002 is located on the top side and near the center, the fxos8700cq is on the under side of the pcb close to one corner. Does the location of the two sensors effect the algorithm?