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SDK ignores loading points for FTM in K64

Question asked by reg exp on Jan 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by Daniel Chen



  the SDK for K64 do not correctly set the FTM register SYNCONF for CTNMIN and CNTMAX loading points. According to the flowchart "40-45. MOD register synchronization" in "K64 Sub-Family Reference Manual, Rev. 3", for the software trigger must be set the bit SWRSTCNT to 0 to wait for a loading point.


  But in fsl_ftm.c is the SYSCONF set for the software trigger:

if (syncMethod & FTM_SYNC_SWSYNC_MASK)
/* Enable needed bits for software trigger to update registers with its buffer value */


base->SYNCONF = reg;

This value is not changed later when loading points are set in SYNC register in the function FTM_SetReloadPoints in fsl_ftm.c


See the attached modified example hello_world.c for the FRDM-K64F with a LED connected to the PinD0. The LED is blinking with the frequency 15 Hz and duty cycle 1%, because the register C0V is not reloaded.


When the line "FTM_SetSoftwareTrigger( FTM3, true );" is uncommented the LED is lighting continuously, because the software trigger resets the counter asynchronously (and also very often).


When the line "FTM3->SYNCONF &= ~FTM_SYNCONF_SWRSTCNT_MASK;" after FTM initialization is uncommented, the LED is correctly blinking with duty cycle 50%.


The same problem is for hardware trigger and the bit HWRSTCNT.


Best regards, reg.