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How to reduce init time for EEPROM Emulation Software of MPC5744

Question asked by liu jinhang on Jan 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by frank meng

Hello all,

  I found that the initialization time was very unstable of  EEPROM Emulation Software Driver。Sometimes the 25ms are sometimes 38ms。Even when the power supply is fast up and down, it can reach more than 400 ms。

In fact, we just read the eeprom in power up。We hope that the shorter the initialization  time, the better


So,I have two questions。

1、I want to shorten the initialization time to ensure that our product is stable。How to do it?

2、If just readding EEPROM in power up,can be simply initialized EEPROM?And it is time can be very brief?How to do simply initialized?